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What is Henna?


Henna is made of a natural herbal plant also called Mehendi. Henna originated in India and other eastern countries where it has been used for centuries. Henna normally stains reddish brown color & lasts an average of two weeks (short enough to get rid of it & long enough to be satisfied).

How Does Henna Work? 

Once henna is applied, let it dry for approx. 30 minutes. As henna is drying, it will stain first few layers of the skin. At first When the skin is exfoliating henna slowly fades away after 1-2 weeks. (The average amount of time henna lasts vary on each skin type).

What Type of Henna Do You Use & is it Safe For Kids & Pregnant Women?

We use 100% natural henna. Henna is herbal & completely safe for the kids & pregnant women. However, henna does contain eucalyptus or lavender oil, black tea, lemon & sugar. If you are allergic to any of these, we recommend you do a patch test before you get the extensive art work.

How Can I Take Care of my Henna to Help it Last as Long as Possible?

Once the henna is applied, let it dry for 30 minutes. (Optional: After 15 minutes of application, make a mixture of 2 spoons of lemon juice and 1 spoon of sugar. Then use a cotton ball to dab this mixture on drying henna paste. This will re-wet the henna to stain a little longer before it flakes off).​

When henna is completely dry, it will flake off leaving a light orange color stain on the skin. If possible do not wet or soap this pattern for 12 to 24 hours. (You can shower, without scrubbing directly at your henna).  Henna will keep darkening over the next 2 days.
*Depending on an individual's body heat, skin type & tone henna will result in reddish brown, cherry red or burgundy color.​​


Can I Take Off my Henna Sooner If I Need to?

There is no way to take off henna immediately as its a stain, however you can fade if off sooner by exfoliating your skin with swimming in pool, ocean water or skin exfoliating creams.


Do you Travel Outside Orange County to do Parties?

​Yes, we will travel anywhere in California to do a party!

What is Black Henna?

There is no such thing as black Henna!! Real henna paste appears dark green at first and results in reddish brown color. Some people call black dyes "black henna" which also results in black color. Dyes are not safe for the skin, and consist of PPD, a chemical that is harmful for the skin causing an allergic reaction. Please do not get black henna from anyone, its not real henna.
We would like for you to have best experience with your henna & therefore we use only 100% natural herbal henna, completely safe for the skin.

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