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About Us

I was originally born in India and grew up being fascinated by all forms of art. As a child, I always enjoyed sketching motifs & patterns on paper. I took different art classes & became interested in oil & acrylic paintings. At age 12, the night before my cousins wedding I started to do henna on my family & siblings, it was at that moment that I realized how much I really enjoyed doing this for others.

Everyone appreciated my talents and before I knew it my passion was turning into my hobby and as I grew older I was able to turn it into a professional business. Having others enjoy and appreciate my work was a wonderful feeling. Since 1995, I had been doing professional henna for fund raising events, brides, private parties & much more.

Today I am an experienced henna artist practicing this art for over 20 years and I still love every minute of what I do. My business has expanded over the years and I have a team of wonderful artists who work alongside me as we travel the world allowing people to experience our wonderful art.


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